Peterhof vs Versailles

In Russian tradition you do things three times for good luck, eg three shots.

Photo taken at Peterhof Palace.


Least charismatic frontman

Thought: Mike Love is the only frontman and lead singer in history to be the least charismatic and worst singer in his band (Beach Boys).

Photo taken at sea aboard ship, August 2017.

TV Studio aboard Princess Regal by Ally Lee

der toaster

Ich habe diesen auf der straße gefunden, und es wird wahrscheinlich da zuruck.


A wonderful display architecture and imagination easily missed in the heart of Berlin.

The Märchenbrunnen is literally the fountain of fairy tales. There are statues depicting Little Red Riding Hood, Puss In Boots, Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and many more. I begin to wonder of the origins of these tales and their universality.

The entire Volkspark Friedrichshain was bombed out and has had many iterations, but the Märchenbrunnen has survived. 

If you climb to the parks' peak you are in fact climbing the rumble of a Flak Tower, the massive WWII anti-aircraft structure that could house 30,000 civilians during air raids.


Fridge on street is very common. Sorry for the gross rubbish.


Found it.


The illusion of choice. How insidious.


In the past we could look closer.


A watermelon is 92 per cent Wasser.